Engineering biology will
revolutionize the human condition.

First, a short story of first principles
toward a North Star:

LifeLife started itself

Earth-life emerged spontaneously and evolved itself into living diversity and brand new phenomenal categories.

LifeEvolved within the limit

That a purely self-emergent, resource-constrained process could generate entirely novel categories of phenomena -- including consciousness itself -- strongly suggests our universe is capable of hosting other undiscovered phenomena.

Life Can evolve un-constrained

An intelligently-guided, non-resource-constrained version of biology would result in forms and phenomena with as yet unimaginable capabilities.

Life We are also bioengineerable

We ourselves exist on that same biological operating system. New categories of phenomena applied to our own biology will be the ultimate, human-experience-altering exploration.


So, let's accelerate bioengineering.

We're at the tip of the genetic hyperspace iceberg.

The kinds and scales of mechanical and phenomenological entities are near.


Powerfully, with AI

The chaos of biological complexity will almost certainly become best understood by AI.

The emergence of LLMs and their success with human language hints at the possibility for new understandings of biology.

I'll upload progress
here as I go.

Javascript model of the origin of life coming soon.
But for now hang tight. I'm just one guy learning and building as much as possible, you know.